Standardized and fully-customizable collection of PBMC within international clinical trials


Biosample Management

Data obtained from sensitive biological samples such as Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) is often key to generate meaningful data in clinical trials. Poor sample quality, lack of standardized processing techniques and/or uncontrolled logistical procedures directly threaten the outcome of often lengthy and highly expensive clinical development projects.

The SKIPPEX team has year-long expertise in setting up and managing standardized PBMC collection procedures in international, multi-centric phase 1-3 clinical trials.

Using SKIPPEX’s existing worldwide network of specialized sample processing laboratories and logistic partners, our team members have worked together with numerous biotech and pharmaceutical companies to successfully manage complex biosample collection projects within international phase 1-3 clinical trials.

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SKIPPEX’s fully-customizable services range from:

  • Setting up

    project-specific PBMC collection strategies for international, multi-centric clinical trials.

  • Supporting

    the development of standardized laboratory and logistical procedures ensuring high sample quality and data comparability.

  • Identifying and qualifying

    specialized laboratories and/or other required partners to support PBMC collection projects within clinical trials.

  • Managing

    all day-to-day PBMC collection activities, from sample handling at hospitals to subsequent logistic services.

  • Support

    customers in the generation, storage and distribution of project-specific sample collection kits

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