SKIPPEX is a customer-centric solution for supply-chain organization, completely dedicated to the industry fields of life sciences, clinical trials and pharmaceutical development. Our unique assistance and expertise consultancy teams can help to ensure regulatory compliance and exceptional quality for your company. Whether you are looking for a logistics solution for the healthcare, biotech or pharmaceutical sector, we have the tools and technology to help you.


Skippex GmbH

We pride ourselves with our outstanding customer proximity.

Personal care is our highest priority – this means maximum flexibility for customized solutions, transparent and fair prices at a second to none quality.

At Skippex, every trusted partnership we form with a customer is deeply rooted in our shared vision of improving global health, and it starts with gaining a holistic understanding of your strategic business objectives. Our assistance and expertise consultancy team can work with you to enhance your business, designing and executing world-class supply chain logistics and healthcare solutions that mitigate risk, maximize the return on R&D investments and advance medicine.

Our extensive team of professional staff members are well-equipped to manage shipments for the pharmaceutical- as well as for the life science industry at all temperature ranges in more than 100 countries. Aside from regulatory compliance assistance and expertise consultancy techniques, SKIPPEX can also offers a variety of additional services such as project-tailored Biosample Management including kit production or GMP warehousing, labelling, packaging and distribution.

Our dedicated teams ensure that all of your shipments are closely monitored throughout their complete transportation cycle.

At SKIPPEX, you can rely on our experienced personnel and in-market expertise to ensure the optimal handling, transport and delivery of vital healthcare products for your business.

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