Active and Passive Controlled Qualified Packaging.


Qualified Packaging

SKIPPEX is offering a wide range of IATA-compliant qualified active and passive packaging solutions for shipments of all kind of biological samples, blood samples and pharmaceutical products. We offer a carefully selected range of state of the art systems with temperature controlling mediums such as liquid nitrogen, dry ice, cool packs (gel packs) or even vacuum isolated systems with PCMs (Phase Change Materials), controlled by appropriate temperature monitors.

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Packaging Provision

At Skippex, we can provide validated and pre-conditioned controlled packaging solutions for a host of different temperature ranges including, …

…but not limited to:

  • Controlled Ambient

    (+15 to +25.C)

  • Refrigerated

    (+2 to +8.C)

  • Frozen

    (-15 to -25.C)

  • Deep Frozen

    (-60 to -80.C)

  • CryoFrozen

    (down to -150.C)

For our expert teams

No size of shipment is too big or too small. From road transport to airfreight and seafreight, we can provide packaging systems according your shipment needs in size and temperature control including, but not limited to:

Qualified Passive Systems:

  • EPS insulation + Cool Packs

  • VIP insulation + phase change material cooling devices (PCMs)

  • Dry ice boxes

  • Dry Shippers with Liquid Nitrogen

Qualified Active Systems:

  • Temperature Controlled Airfreight containers

  • Temperature Controlled Vehicles

  • Active thermal boxes with vacuum insulation